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Hey, have the story of my musical life!

So how did everyone get into music? Certain genres, whatever. I first discovered rock in.. 2006, I think, when I got Guitar Hero for PS2. My favorite song was Iron Man for a while, and then I found an album my dad had by Helloween. The Dark Ride. (the title song)

  That’s how I was introduced to metal. I found Pandora and when I put Helloween in, I found bands like Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, and Hammerfall. My dad happened to have a bunch of songs from them. My first song from that group was When the Lights are Down by Kamelot.

  It was my favorite song for a while, followed by March of Mephisto, also by Kamelot. Kamelot, to this day, is arguably my favorite metal band.

  Afterwards, I had such favorites as Kingdom for a Heart by Sonata Arctica, Maniac Dance by Stratovarius and Blood Bound by Hammerfall.

  For a while, my music preferences remained rock/metal-centric. One day, I downloaded the song of the day from iTunes, and had a new favorite. It was Let’s Dance to Joy Division by the Wombats.

  My favorite Alternative/Indie band, by the way. From there on, my tastes branched out a little. I started respecting bands like Green Day, Linkin Park, Nickel Creek and so on. Obviously they weren’t all punk rock bands.

  I was pretty much set until I heard a few songs from a Dance Hits CD one of my friends had for his birthday party. My favorite song for a while was a certain remix of Heaven.

  After that, I got into more electronic music. Mostly lighter stuff, techno, trance. I moved into dance at some point and got into Cascada and.. songs from Newgrounds. They’re really good, actually. My first favorite from Cascada was Evacuate the Dance Floor, followed by Ready or Not and Fever.

  Suddenly, my friend introduced the Bloody Beetroots to me. The first song I heard from them was Warp 1.9.

  I had first heard more electronic styles in songs like Space Jam (yeah I know) and Stadium Rave from Spongebob (seriously, I know). The Bloody Beetroots were arguably my introduction to more hardcore electronic music, even after Cascada. I learned to like electro, hardstyle, jumpstyle, etc. It wasn’t until around that point that I found Deadmau5, I believe. My favorites for him are all the ones you would expect. 

  It was a fairly short jump there to dubstep. I had heard a few dubstep songs and wasn’t that impressed by the genre. For no particular reason, I suddenly decided to give the genre a second chance. Again, it failed to really impress me.. until I hit the dubstep remix of Inspector Gadget by Chrispy.

  This gave me a little faith in the genre. I didn’t find anything else worthwhile until I hit probably the most consistently good dubstep artist I am aware of, Mount Eden. I was introduced to him by means of his remix of Still Alive from Mirror’s Edge and Sierra Leone.

  Later I would also discover my favorite Skrillex song, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (through the video of cupstackinggirl, the clip in the song saying “YESS, OH MY GOSH” and having no prior knowledge of Skrillex at all) and eventually Ephixa through his Song of Storms dubstep remix.

  Before that point, however, I was introduced to a rather ungenreable genre, what I like to call Swing House (officially “Electroswing”). The same friend that introduced me to the Bloody Beetroots introduced me to Goldfish and my two favorite Goldfish songs. I wasn’t immediately interested, but I listened more than once, and suddenly it just clicked. The two songs (probably their most popular) were Fort Knox and Soundtracks and Comebacks.

  A few other songs from them became favorites not too long after. First came Wet Welly, arguably the most Swing-iest House song they’ve made, followed by We Come Together and finally Cruising Through.

  Later, that same friend pointed out Parov Stelar, who is even more Swing House than Goldfish. Again, my favorites are some of the obvious ones. I believe the first song I heard was Booty Swing, which turned into a favorite, followed by Catgroove, also a favorite, and Chambermaid Swing.

  That about covers it with the exception of a few notable favorite songs that became favorites at some point that I’ve forgotten. Smash Mouth became a favorite band at some point, with my favorite song being Walkin’ on the Sun.—Kjn0z8

  At some point I found a song from the Bleach soundtrack that became my favorite, for reasons which should be obvious by now. The fourth song in the soundtrack, known as Can’t Lose.

  Finally, there was another song the artist Silva Hound said is “French House” that became an instant favorite, know as Spitfire.

  Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this wall of text. I just sort of felt like sharing a little bit of my life.

  Obviously your responses, should you choose to respond, don’t have to be as in depth as this, but I’m interested in hearing whatever you have to say anyway. See you on the web!

flapjacksblog2 asked: I like candy, do you like candy?

This is a serious question and deserves a serious answer. To ask if one likes candy, one must first define “candy” at all. Is candy merely a sugary substance, or a veritable physical manifestation of happiness? Does it grant happiness, or magnify it, or both? If there is a time to truly bare your soul to the world, it is such a time as when you are eating candy. And yet, we must ponder the consequences. Our downfall of energy after our high point, for example. If candy could grant or magnify happiness, surely it will take it away, will it not? Having revealed our soul, will we and those around us like what we have been allowed to see? Perhaps. To say that one truly likes candy, one must take all this into account, and more. It’s possible that no one will ever truly reach a conclusion. At the core of the matter, you might say that what truly matters is whether you enjoy candy right now, regardless of then and whence and heretofore, regardless of what may come of it. If so, the answer is yes. I do like candy.


I’m basically just consolidating what I said on Twitter so that I can read it more easily when I send it to someone who will pretend to read it.

I think I’m kind of using Tumblr as a twitter wherein I just comment on things I reblog. So, uh, I’m pretty sure I’m followed by at least a couple of Tumblr bloggers. Would anyone happen to know how to embed your twitter feed? [Into your Tumblr, of course]

That way when I post on Tumblr, it’ll go to twitter, which you can then see on Tumblr, and which also goes to Facebook. I mean, Facebook already gets my tumblr updates from my Tumblr and my twitter. I bet that totally pisses some people off. Heh. Not- not intended of course. Naah. Still.

I’m thinking of making my Facebook updates go to my twitter so whenever I say anything on Tumblr, it goes to Facebook and twitter, and then twitter posts it to Facebook and Facebook posts it to twitter, and that basically just happens over and over and you can watch it all go down on my twitter from my Tumblr.

And now I’m going to put a picture of a troll face to denote that such a course of action would troll both Facebook and twitter.

This is a troll face.

Indeed, quite an amusing picture it is. Observe the subtle lines of expression the artist has put into this picture. Amazing. No but really, if anyone is willing to tell me how to embed twitter in Tumblr, I’d be so grateful, I’d probably be all “Whoa, thanks. I am grateful and appreciative.”

You're Lucky We Care This Much: This is a blog compaining about what people say about what other people say


A number of people who I follow on twitter seem to always complain about the tweets they see from the people they follow. Personally I am tired of this childish whining and now I am going to rant about it and give some advice on why you shouldn’t complain.

1: These are people you’ve willingly…

Man, I hate it when people complain about people who are complaining about other people. Who are frequently also complaining. It’s just so annoooooyiiiiiing.</seegetitimfunny>


The more I watch this, the more awesome it gets.

W… what? I- I don’t..


I enjoy all ranges of extraterrestrial objects, including but not limited to bots made for Tumblr. You hunk.